Saturday, March 29, 2014

Some more angel and purse canvases

I've been having trouble with my computer's internet connection this weekend.  Why do problems always wait until Friday night?  I managed to finally connect with this blog, but haven't been able to read most other blogs that I try to follow.  Really infuriating and since I spent 45 minutes speaking to India--was it last Friday or the Friday before?  Events blur during "the season"--I don't want to have a repeat conversation.  

We finished last stitching of two Christmas stockings for a customer and I mailed them to the finisher this morning.  Speaking of the mail, the Whimsy and Grace trunk show that I mailed back two weeks ago went to Anchorage, Alaska, instead of back home to Oregon.  And they're still looking for it.  That's the scariest thing about trunk shows.  I always insure things I mail, in this case for $500 as suggested by Toni.  I assume that is to cover her business insurance deductible.  But money can't replace the 3 purse models that were also in the box. 

Canvases are still trickling into Needle Nicely.  We received a few more of the Painted Pony angels I ordered in San Diego in January.

JP Needlepoint.  The finished purse is about the size of a brick.  Wish I'd thought of that idea!!

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