Saturday, March 15, 2014

Absolutely more new canvases!

I want to whine about the little bit of stitching I'm currently accomplishing, but there are good reasons for the lack of progress.  The main one being it's the season and I'm busy helping customers select canvases or figure out stitches or reordering fibers.  I'm greedy, so I like being able to make a living!  The stitching I do get done at the shop is to complete customer projects, like two Christmas stockings I'm finishing the French knot trim on Santa's suit on and a saying pillow for a granddaughter's graduation the end of May.  At home, I'm trying to finish the scallop shell pillow but its progress took a hit last week during the US national curling championships outside Philadelphia.  No television coverage so I had to watch parts of matches on my computer.  The computer room isn't lighted sufficiently for stitching so I watched curling.  Of course, the placement of shots can be so exact that I have trouble stitching even when the matches are on television.  So, more photographs of new canvases.

When I think of Julie Mar's designs, I think flowers.  The next three canvases are her designs.  And you can see that I'm always adding more doorstop canvases!

This is a canvas from The Point of it All.  It has such movement, and nice use of color.

Think of me tonight and tomorrow watching basketball tournaments and golf while I finish stitching the scallop canvas.  I'm determined that it will be finished this weekend (or at least before Wednesday's blog).

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  1. The geranium doorstop is gorgeous! Good luck with your scallop stitching!