Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New arrivals and a finish

This week some new canvases have been arriving.  Some of them were the last of previous orders and others were canvases included in special orders for customers that I added to defray the shipping costs.  I forgot and one artist charged me $11.00 for shipping three Christmas ornaments.  Say goodbye to that profit!

This Costa Rica round was a special order from Kathy Schenkel for a customer.  My customer was delighted with it!

 Last month when I placed an order for a customer for the small mermaid ornaments from Labors of Love, I added this stocking.  It arrived separately this week.  It isn't at all Christmas-y but I think she is gorgeous.
 And this is the last of my Dallas market order from Strictly Christmas.  It is one of their new designs.
 These are two of the set of three of nativity scenes from J. Mahaly.  Definitely crying for pattern stitches.

Before she left for the holidays, Macy finished this shop model designed by AT Designs.  I'm torn between begging my finisher to do it in a hurry in January or holding it for a more leisurely finish the end of April.  The more I think about it, the more I think I'll get ready for some begging!!

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  1. Macy did a super job! Merry Christmas, Mary Agnes!