Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Shop stitching--RUSH job 17

I was hoping that my next post about the stocking would be a photograph of the completed stitching.  No such luck.  The past two weeks I've been working by myself on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Usually business is spotty during these two weeks.  That hasn't been the case this year.  A pleasant surprise!

On the cuff, I'm stitching the white area in nobuko using DMC perle #5.  I'm trying to stitch all of the white before I start stitching the name.  In the upper left you can see a loose thread.  In all the trips to and from the shop, I managed to get a smudge on the white.  In my laziness, I overstitched it.  It looked okay when I did that, but then I kept seeing a shadow of the smudge.  That's when I cut the stitches to pick out enough to end the strands.  Then I'll restitch the area.  I'm glad it wasn't basketweave because that would have been a real pain to fix and still have it look good.

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  1. Nobuko really is a great stitch, isn't it? The cuff is looking good!