Saturday, December 19, 2015

Shop stitching--RUSH job 16

Push came to shove this week and forced me to settle down and stitch Santa's mustache and eyebrows.  I did the mustache in long-short split stitch going horizontally.  The eyebrows were just long stitches.  Both were done in 3-ply kit kin (whisper).

Next I tackled the teddy bear.  I had been tossing a coin between doing him in basketweave or French knots.  The basketweave won and I am pleased with how he looks.  The fiber I used was alpaca 18.

The horn was another procrastination item.  I did it in Kreinik metallic.  I did the shading in  a brown gold metallic combination and it didn't show up enough against the ribbon on the blue package so I selected a darker version and overstitched that thin line of demarcation.  I also did the same thing on the lower hand piece of the horn.

When I grew up, I had 3 older brothers and one younger brother (and another 2 younger brothers and sisters--large family).  Anyway, I thought dolls were sissy and would only play with my brothers' toys.  On this stocking I thought the doll's face was hideous and kept avoiding it.  It was the absolute last thing I stitched.  I'm not pleased with my new version of the doll's face, but I like it better than the bug-eyed original (sorry, Rebecca!).  I changed the gold trim on the dress to hot pink metallic.  The dress was stitched in two shades of DMC perle #5 in the basketweave stitch.  The doll's hair is watercolors done in a bullion stitch.

All that remains is the top portion of the stocking that contains the name.  Time's a'wasting!!