Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Shop Stitching--RUSH job 15

I've been stitching like crazy since Christmas is approaching so quickly.

I finished the wheels and trim on the carriage.  Next, I managed to finish the stitching on Santa's sack.

I enjoyed stitching the doll house.  Especially fun was the woven stitch I did in impressions for the basement facade of the house.  The doors are metallic Kreinik in basketweave.  The wreaths are French knots in a combination of green impressions and gold Kreinik.  The windows on the top story are black perle cotton in cashmere stitch.  The first floor windows are diagonal mosaic.

Only today did I realize that I stitched the clapboard siding going the wrong way--it is vertical and it should have been horizontal.  My next thought was:  "too late for herpicide".  That means no way will I pick it out and restitch.  For those who wonder, herpicide was a quack medicine in the early 1900's that supposedly cured baldness.  By the time people thought to use it, it was too late.  Especially considering that it was worthless.