Saturday, April 23, 2016

Basket-type purses

One of the projects that I am working on during lulls in the day at Needle Nicely is a narrow, belt-like canvas of the letter M taken from Janis Smith's  Alphabetrics (or Alphagraphics--I confuse the two books).  It is to be a shop model to slip into the opening on one of these basket-type purses.

Janis Smith's books are wonderful sources of ways to arrange letters of the alphabet.  I highly recommend them if you can locate copies (they are long out-of-print).

And now to the star of the show--the basket-type purses.  This style comes in 3 sizes:
I have several other styles in stock that have a looser weave and would need an inner fabric lining.  One of the styles doesn't have the opening, but rather a bow on one side.  Barbara Bergsten(, on her website, features one of these where you put a small design on the side without the bow.

There is also a smaller, more elegant, version.  I am showing the one with a lid.  It also comes with an open top.  Notice that the ribbon opening is narrower than the other bags.
It's deceptive, since the bow looks the same size. However, it has been folded almost double to go through the openings.

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  1. These bags are gorgeous! Perfect for seaside venues.