Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One design--two utilizations

Years ago, Trubey designed a picture frame that is suggestive of William Morris' flowing designs.  I stitched it first and had it finished as a picture frame.  Here it is with a photograph of myself and my husband, Arthur.  The photograph was taken the week before our wedding because I assumed (and rightly, as it turns out) that I would never again get him in front of a photographer.  Arthur's look is deceptive, since he is telling me that he is going to kill the photographer if he doesn't speed up the process!  I had to photograph this at an angle to prevent the glare produced by light on glass.
  The frame was stitched in DMC perle cotton and was finished with a perle twist on the exterior edge and with an easel stand.  Today I have my finisher also add a perle twist to the inner edge.  It gives a better finished look.

Too often we forget that canvases designed for frames can also have monograms added to them before finishing them as pillows, trays; or, in this case, a soft manufactured box with shirred moire sides.  I'm not a finisher, but I think there are cardboard pieces forming the sides and top and bottom to provide stability.  The perle cording on the edges provide an elegant finished look.

The marvel of needlepoint is that this "box" is over 20 years old, yet it looks like new.

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  1. Lovely! Both the frame and the box. I especially like the photo of you two--a great memory!