Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Noel, VIII

I turned out to be correct that my first stitching on the ribbon on "Noel" would not line up with my later stitching.  Here is a photo that shows that I have clipped the long stitches in the mosaic to aid me in removing the stitches.  Since it is Very Velvet, it looks really smudgy.  I hope you get the idea. I have entered 3 photographs and I will come back after I publish this blog to look at them and decide which ones to delete.  I haven't figured out a way to view how photographs look after publishing while writing the blog.  So please bear with me.  And don't be surprised when there is only one photograph.

I have been concentrating my efforts on stitching the ribbons.  Along the way, I started stitching one of the uglier ornaments (in my opinion)--the yellow and orange combination.  I have tried and tried to discern what pattern the orange stitches form to no avail.  So, basketweave in petite sparkle rays it was.


  1. At least it was the diagonal mosaic stitch--easier to fudge than others. Sorry about the reverse stitching. The ornament under the orange/yellow one looks nice and festive!

  2. In the photograph you can see a flower and parts. Looking at the canvas in your hand, it looks like orange speckles!