Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How many WIPs do you have?

Anna of in a recent blog entry inquired into people's stitching strategy--whether they worked on only one piece until finished, alternated pieces, kept track of expenditures, etc.  Everyone has a different approach to their stitching.

As a shopowner, I basically do NO personal stitching.  It is either for a shop model or contract stitching for a customer.  I try to work on two projects: one at home and another at the shop.  I started this approach when I was forgetting my current stitching project at home when I was at the shop; and vice versa.  Simple solution, have 2 projects; one at each location.  No longer an excuse for stitching inactivity.  However, over the years I have discovered a tendency when it comes to class offerings that I lose interest in stitching them once someone can recognize their appeal.  So, I have a multitude (love that word!) of canvases that are semi-finished.  Notice I don't say half-finished---because many of them aren't.  At least on many of them I have stapled a bag to the back of the project with the fibers that were used.  Admittedly, I am not always so prudent.

Last summer I tried  to finish several projects that I had started in previous years.  On May 6, 2015, I discussed them.  I have almost finished the Clara Wells purse, but took a shop break and stitched a bunny from Associated Talents.  After I finished that, I continued stitching on the Associated Talents monogram canvas (I did, then passed it on to Macy for her to do for her shop stitching).  Of course, I am eyeing other projects. Right now I have interrupted my shop stitching of the spool angel to do some counted needlepoint for a customer.  It's a wedding sampler and there's a tree on it that has been a problem for the customer.  I guesstimate that it will take me the next two days to complete.  I didn't photograph it because she has already stitched the names of the bride and groom.


  1. I have two WIP: the angel stocking and a piece for my next NN column. Period. I dream of works-to-be and get tempted often when I go to my LNS and the owner shows me his latest acquisition.

  2. What do you mean by "I lose interest once someone can recognize their appeal?"

    1. These are projects that I am stitching for classes. Once they are at a stage where people are enticed enough by them to sign up for the class I move on to the next project. In a retail situation, stitching time is money and I can't take the time to finish that class project--it has already sold itself. So, I move on to the next class project or shop model.

  3. I always have at most (or try to at least) 3 projects. one BAP (big a** project), one medium WIP and one small WIP. If a class comes along with a technique I want to learn I don't consider them as part of my WIP list. They go into a separate list. Because more often than not, It's the technique I want to learn and less the project itself.