Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Noel, VII

Life is interfering with my stitching on Noel.  The week before last, there was the Miami Open tennis tournament.  I love to watch the shots, especially those of Gael Monfils.  Then there was the Masters, with Jordan Spieth adding excitement with almost every shot.  Regrettably, at times it was too much excitement; but it is also always nice to watch someone win their first major, knowing what a change it is going to bring to their lives.  Then there was Ken Burns' documentary about Jackie Robinson.  Jackie is especially important to Vero Beach, since the Dodgers did their spring training here for so many years.  So much for the excuses.  I actually tried to stitch during one of the tennis matches, only to discover that I had stitched for 1/2 hour using the wrong shade of very velvet.  Taking out is  always a real pain, but very velvet is especially difficult.

This is a photograph of my progress thus far.
First, I finished stitching the Noel.  Then I started concentrating on the ribbons.  When I started stitching this canvas, I started in the upper right-hand corner as I usually do.  Then I realized it would be easier to stitch if I turned the canvas upside down.  That why you see an isolated area of ribbon to the far right.  Now I'm wondering if the mosaic will line up when it gets there.  I seem to be pondering that question a lot on this canvas.

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  1. Looks lovely! Did you sneak in a couple of ornaments in the process, too? Don't remember the little yellow one and red one.