Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ah, aren't cell phones marvelous! NOT!

First, a confession.  Last Monday, at the end of the day, I couldn't locate my i-phone.  I wanted to take it home to charge it.  Now, you must understand that I have my cell phone for several reasons:  to call "my driver" when I return from a needlepoint market so he can pick me up outside baggage claim; to call my husband when I leave the HD opera broadcasts so he can pick me up; and to call Needle Nicely when I am at wholesale needlepoint markets.  I have no apps, I have about 15 contacts (including our favorite pizza place to order ahead for pick-up).  I regrettably never activated the app:  locate my cell phone.  I guess I'll be adding that one soon.  I also never activated messages, because I never give the number out.  It is a convenience for me, not a method of communication.  So however you got my cellphone number, never leave a message on it.  That far I ain't going.

Anyway, last Monday I couldn't find my cellphone at the shop, so I assumed I had left it at home (though I had a visual memory of putting it into my purse Monday morning).  It wasn't at home.  Hmmm.   So, Tuesday I called the number at home; and then when I got to the shop, I called it.  I knew it was fully charged.  It didn't ring in either location.

Tuesday afternoon, I called Verizon and suspended my service.  Then it occurred to me  to check and see if it had been used.  Of course, Verizon wouldn't let me lot into my suspended account.  Duh!

Originally, I had thought I would go to Verizon on Saturday and get a new i-phone.  I wasn't too concerned, since my missing phone was a 4-S (I lost confidence in Siri when I asked her the first week I owned my phone, where is the closest K-Mart--She told me to go to Port ST. Lucie--when it is about 40 yds from Needle Nicely in the same parking lot.)  Anyway, my husband and I decided I could wait, even though my new phone will cost me minimally, because I had no immediate use for it, no operas, no out-of-town trips.

Imagine my surprise, Monday morning (November 7, 2016), when I checked the answering machine for messages left over the previous weekend.  My ornament finisher left a message to call her.  She had found a black i-phone in a silver case in the bag at the bottom of the ornaments I had just sent her for Christmas finishing.  Naturally, there was no identification on it.  When I called her, she was getting ready to go to Verizon to find out who owned it.  I have no idea how it got in the finishing box.  A brain fart?  The good news is that she will me sending it back to me when she sends the ornaments back to me.  No rush--the next HD opera I am attending will be in January.  (And no trips for the foreseeable future).

So, I have learned that I must add "locate me" to my cell phone and I may also ask for help to add messages.  Old dogs learn slowly--I was even looking fondly at my old flip-phone.


  1. My cell phone is a "dumb" phone, a flip-open brick, that I charge before weather forecasts of severe wind storms. You're light-years ahead of me.

  2. I'm on Anne's team. My cell phone is about 12 years old. I've never sent a text message (or received one--I delete the ones I receive unread since I've never given the number out. It won't talk to the Internet and it barely makes or receives calls. And it doesn't work in Chilly Hollow-no cell phone does. I just carry it in the car in case I have a flat tire.

  3. I still have a flip phone--I can call and receive calls, I can take pictures, I can use the GPS--the only thing I can't do is access the internet. And I'm online enough as it is.

  4. I'm the opposite of you--I gave up my land line nearly 17 years ago and never looked back--using only a cell phone. It's been wonderful and the phone number never changes, even after 3 moves--it's mine for life. Some people say I'm chained to my phone, but in reality, it's chained to me. LOL.