Saturday, November 12, 2016

The lull after the storm--literally!

We hsd several weeks (I checked, October 7) after Hurricane Matthew to organize the shop again  before the 35th anniversary sale Oct 31-Nov 4.  We had time to get the pillows back up on the shelf around the ceiling of the shop, and a few canvases were placed on the walls.  Then I put some retired shop models near the front door, hoping they would attract attention (not so much, we have only sold 3).

The sale was successful, though I was disappointed that no one from south of Vero drove up to take advantage of it.  I thought posting  it on Facebook, on my blog and in my sale newsletter would be sufficient to spread the word.  It has gotten so the cost of newspaper advertising has become prohibitive so I didn't do any of that.

Remnants of the sale remain--all canvases marked "sale" are 50% off the sale price.  Also, all "vintage" books in the bookcase are 50% off.  This does not apply to the newer stitch books NOT on the bookcase.  Over the years, when I have traveled, I have frequented bookstores that specialize in "old" books.  Therefore, I have a great selection of out-of-print needlepoint books dealing with various aspects of the art from finishing to bargello to alphabets to oriental to....the list goes on and on.  Give me a call if you are interested in a specific title (772-567-6688).  I have lots of Maggie Lane, an abundance of Pageant of Pattern, Elsa Williams' bargello, etc., etc.

As I have mentioned before, very little stitching has been occurring.  I did manage a few more stripes on Be Merry and a few more strands of the background.

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  1. But you're showing the "B" and there are no more letters beyond that! A good sign that the end is near. We'll cut you some slack!