Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sickness--something I don 't do well. Also, Small Business Saturday

Two weeks ago at the shop (Tuesday and Wednesday) I had some episodes of chills and fever in the afternoon.  Neither Dotty or Macy or I had a second's thought--I  just put on a sweater.  HOWEVER,
Friday night I started having really intense chills.  I spent Saturday and Sunday in bed, sleeping sporadically.  I'd sleep for an hour and a half or two, wake to go to the bathroom; out into the living room for an hour,  back to bed--repeat as  required to get through the day and night.

Thank goodness I am a concierge patient with my gp.  I called Monday morning, went in at 11am, received a cortisone shot and a prescription for a zpack.  I also had my sinuses and chest x-rayed.  I tease the x-ray technician that she almost has a complete inventory of my body--and when will she publish the book?  To avoid the gruesome details, something in a bottom lob of a lung and something in my sinuses.  The cortisone shot ensured that I would receive no sleep (until 6am) Tuesday morning.  Got a lot done--talked with Indiiia about for over 1 1/2 hours about why I could suddenly not send emails.  Finally gave up at 4:30.  Woke up to discover that I could no longer receive email, also.  Went to the shop until noon, since Macy had a commitment.  Then home to rest in bed like a latke, no sleeping.  Upon surfacing, called Indiiia again. Discovered the man from the night before had solved his problems by deactivating my email accounts, thus explaining why no activity.  No one admitted that, but I was helped to settle the problem of sending and receiving emails.  HOWEVER, I couldn't send a photograph as an attachment. Big bummer since I often send photos of canvases to inquiring customers.  So, after dinner (soup), I called again and finally managed to have the problem solved.  Approximately 5 hours spent listening to sometimes very English, sometimes very rapid, sometimes very soft, conversation with about 8 different technicians from Earthlink in India.  I could never have been able to do it if I felt 100% or had spent the day at work.  So, thank you cortisone!

The good news is that I am feeling better everyday.

On another topic:  Next Saturday, November 26, 2016, is Small Business Saturday sponsored by Amex.  This is the only Saturday in the year that Needle Nicely is open (10am to 5pm).  I will be offering 20% off no matter how you pay, though if you have registered with Amex, they have a great deal.  This offer is open to in-store, email and phone orders, so you if know something you are dying for, just call me 772-567-6688.  I always make an early stop at our local bookstore, The Vero Book Center, to pick up a few necessities since they open earlier than I do and Vero is small enough, I can make it happen.

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  1. Good news, indeed, that you're feeling better! So rest up before Saturday so you can field the deluge of business--hopefully!