Saturday, November 26, 2016

Some new items

In the midst of a very successful Small Business Saturday, Fedex appeared with a shipment from a needlework supply house.  I was thrilled by the box's contents because one was the Wonder Marker, blue disappearing marker.  I had been searching unsuccessfully for over 2 years since Chernin went out of business.  Ah, bliss!
The box also contained some unusual bell pull hardware.  We  have little demand for this today, but do try to provide a selection.

These are for needlepoint 5 1/4-5 1/2".  The silver one is chrome.  I'm not sure the gold one is brass or just plated.

This chrome triangle measures 10".

I also purchased something to experiment with--a pill remover to see if it will help remove the pilling on some stitching.  I thought it was worth a try!

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  1. Glad Small Business Saturday was successful! The bellpull hardware is lovely.