Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New canvases, hooray! And 700th blog post!

Received several shipments of canvases today.  First, some canvases from Amanda Lawford.  I just love this Bear cabin for painting, stitching, canoeing, biking, etc.  I think it's one of those canvases that children will want to pick out the various details.  Not to mention it will be fun to stitch!
 This is one of Amanda's elegant overall patterns.  Change the background color and we change it's personality entirely.

This is an ornament of a dressed-for-snow little girl by The Artists Collection.
                                   And the accompanying young boy, similarly bundled.
 Vero Beach has a high school girl's lacrosse team that has won many state championships.  Even though  this seems to be a boy, I think it could easily gain a pony tail.
This swan canvas is the 5x5 18-mesh version.  There are two  other versions of this designs--one is 8x8 on 13mesh.  The larger version is approximately 18x18 on 13mesh.  The larger versions also have a 2 or 3 inch border with some delightful designs.

 And swallow-tailed hummingbirds on 13mesh that is 8x8.  It was so sensible of Melissa to introduced these smaller sizes since the larger versions range in size from 18" to 23".  Many people don't want to tackle that large a project.
EDIT:  Anne Stradal mentions in a comment the lack of 18mesh, but I neglected to indicate which ones are.  The first by Amanda is, the 2nd I think so, but will have to check. It is. The 3 ornaments are all 18mesh.  The Melissa canvases come in 18mesh for the 5x5 image and 13 mesh for the 8x8 and the 18x18  or larger versions with a border.


  1. Lovely canvases, Mary Agnes. I just wish some of these came in 18-ct. canvas.

  2. Beautiful canvases--and congratulations on the 700th post!

  3. Congratulations on your 700th post! I have been reading them for several years now and have enjoyed them very much.