Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lap Stands for Needlepoint Frames

In the past few years, more of my customers are doing pattern stitches (versus continental or basketweave in hand), so they are using frames to hold the needlepoint. I prefer stretcher bars since they keep my stitching tighter, though I do have roller frames made years ago by our friendly carpenter in Blowing Rock.  I have sold Two System 4 Traveling Stands in the past four months.  In fact, I just sold that second one this week, and I wish I had taken a photo.  Its beauty its total collapsibility--a real positive with my customers who travel so often to other homes.

I personally am an advocate of the K's Creations Lap Frames, though I am not fond of their clumsy Universal Clamp.  Fortunately, I had a friend's husband make about a dozen sets of the original metal clamp years ago after K's discontinued them.  Fortunately, those metal clamps surfaced last winter when Macy did her clean sweep inside some Needle Nicely cabinets.

This is the LaPetite stand for very small projects such as ornaments and 5x5 canvases.  The stand will tell you if you're trying to attach too large a frame, because it will tip over.  Notice that Universal
There are three additional sizes of the K's Creations lap stands.  I am awaiting deliver on the Small
(it seems to be the most popular).  The other two sizes shown are the Medium and the Large.  Notice the smaller metal clamps.  The one on top is the newer version.  It has knobs to tighten or loosen when adjusting the length of the stand.  Much better than the former version that had tiny wooden flaps to try and control movement.

Today I received from the finisher my Pippin Hearts. inserted into a pillow.  I'm showing it here and will then be entering it on the list of 2016 finishes to the right of blogger.

On another, perhaps more manic note--I lost my camera last and this morning.  I tore the shop apart after having searched at home in the most likely spots.  Nada.  When I came home this afternoon, I did some excavating around my computer.  Thank goodness it was lurking in the weeds.  It did cause me to resurrect the other camera I received when my original went on the blink years ago.  Now I need to find it a memory card and batteries, so it can leap into action.  Someone mentioned that my i-phone also had a camera.  It will be centuries before I tackle how to transfer those photos to my computer.  Taking the pictures is only the easy part.  I'm not looking forward to a life of constantly searching for my glasses, my camera, my i-phone...and I suppose the list will go on and on.  Sigh!

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  1. The new pillow is quite sassy with its mix of unconventional colors! Happy Thanksgiving, Mary Agnes!