Saturday, April 8, 2017

Can You Guess Ages? Obviously Nothing to Do with Needlepoint

Jennifer Tan of Pippin Designs blogged this week about watching her children playing sports when they were young.  I smiled to myself.  To me, Jennifer is young and I was mildly surprised that her children were mostly out of the house forming new lives.

 Of course, this blindness to age in others, also includes blindness to my own age.  I am always amazed when people defer to me because of my grey hair.  Of course, you must realize how long it has taken me to realize that is the reason.  I finally gave up  carrying on a bag when I was flying to markets.  People insisted on helping me.  NOTE TO THOUGHTFUL PEOPLE--wait until you are asked for help.  I practiced and practiced beforehand to be sure I could handle the suitcase over my head and was insulted that no one considered I might be capable of putting it into the bin under my own steam.  Now I check my bags (Thanks Gold Amex!).  That is a lesson for all of us!

I'm getting ready for the week-long sale at Needle Nicely starting Monday (through Friday).  You are welcome to call about fibers or canvases and we will draw your egg while you are on the phone.  Discounts vary from 20% off to 4 50% and 1 60% off.  Go for it!

And if you haven't checked it out, go to the ANG frogs auction which ends tomorrow.  Some great canvases available.  I have bid on some Barbara Eyre Christmas Stockings.  WooHoo!

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