Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sale Celebrating Needle Nicely's 40th Year Selling Needlepoint, April 9th through April 14th

Needle Nicely is having a store-wide sale of our entire inventory April 9th through April 14th.  We will be filling plastic eggs with slips indicating what the discount it, one per customer.  The discounts vary from 40 20% off slips to 4 50% and 1 60% slip.

When I mentioned the sale to a customer this afternoon, she thought it meant Needle Nicely was going out of business (AGAIN!).  The truth is that January was a disappointing month, business-wise.  Most people don't realize that businesses in Vero Beach must make enough money during the "season" to carry them through the "off-season".  Thus, while this sale is celebrating NNs 40th year in business in North Carolina and Florida, it is also an effort to build a war chest for the summer.

Our remaining rug inventory is now on sale for 70% off.  There are still some beauties remaining.  And if you purchase the yarn for anything during our sale, it will be whatever percent you find in your chosen egg.

Hope to see you next week!

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