Wednesday, April 19, 2017

One Family's Use of Basket Purses

Lori and her sister want to remember their father, who was a tremendous Florida fan.  Rather than wearing these belts, they thought it was a great idea to put them on purses so they could look at them as they carried the purses.  Other memories involve their grandmother Rose who stitched the belts for her son-in-law before she entered her Christmas red and green needlepoint period.

Here are two views of a basket purse with one of Lori's belts she can no longer wear.  I think it looks gorgeous!

These were all examples of finished belts that no longer were useable by their owners.  Do remember that you can stitch a strip and just fold back the edges, hiding the back of your stitching with the ribbon that comes with each bag.

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  1. The baskets look lovely. A great way to recycle!