Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Few New Canvases

A few new canvases trickled into Needle Nicely this week.  These would be so delightful to stitch.

This tree stocking is on 13mesh.  There are so many possibilities for doing pattern stitches.  Melissa Shirley designed this beauty.  It arrived so late in the season because Melissa's stockings usually point to the left.  The ones pointing to the right have to be specially painted.  At market I have to remind myself to specify right pointing, though some designers won't change the direction of the toe.
Ashley Dillon has done a series of "march" canvases.  Her latest is the barnyard march, led by a bull.
I love every one of these and wish I could take the time to stitch each one.

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  1. The "march" canvas is darling! Wish I had wall space!