Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Croakie finished, a feather purse flap, and Easter Eggs for a sale

The finished needlepoint croakie arrived on Monday.  Though I stitched several inches longer than suggested, I still think it is a little short.  But individuals can determine length for themselves.

Currently, I am stitching a feather that we painted on a purse flap.  The customer stitched the background and then asked me to stitch the feather.  This is the flap for a Sophia purse.

Lastly, this week Needle Nicely is having an "egg" sale, where we have plastic eggs with different amounts of discounts from 20% through 1 60%.  It has been fun to watch people's reactions to what percentage they get off.  Much more fun than a set percentage announced ahead of time.

So many eggs left, so many discounts remaining.  "Come on down!"

1 comment:

  1. I like the croackie! What thread(s) are you using for the feathers? Wish I could take advantage of your Easter egg discount but no such luck.