Saturday, April 23, 2011

5 stylish ladies II

I've spent my free time at the shop this past week stitching frantically on the lady in the upper right-hand corner of the canvas.  (My nightly stitching is a tote bag that I'll tell you more about when I make enough progress to make a discussion worthwhile.)  All stitching is using 4-plies of Splendor

The only stitching I did on the face was the outline.  I lightened the tone of the outline somewhat.  All of the features are going to be basketweave, so I feel I can save them until the end--that's how I am rationalizing that I didn't get to them.  The hair I did in the Encroaching Gobelin.

The collar is the Mosaic in a brighter shade of green than was painted.   Her jacket is done in the Diagonal Triple Parisian. 

For her beret, I stitched the background in basketweave and added dots in a variation of the Raised Maltese Cross.  The ribbons (or feathers?) were stitched in the Diagonal Mosaic.  Notice that I moved some of the dark purple motifs to make them fit the stitch pattern.  Fortunately I used enough plies of Splendor that there wasn't a shadow of the purple that I covered up with the white. 

Also, if you look closely you'll see that I stitched the background areas to the bottom left of her (Gigi) head  in the basketweave.  I decided that life was too short to try to count the Byzantine Scotch stitch in those tiny areas.

I think I'd accomplish more stitching if I didn't spend so much time admiring what I've stitched!

Next I'm going to work on Mimi, the grey-haired lady on the bottom right.

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  1. I think you've gotten a lot done! And I love the background stitch. I'm working on motifs for another rug and it will have Scotch stitches. I've been trying to decide what to use for the background around the medallion this time -Your Byzantine Scotch stitch will be perfect!! Thank you for reminding me of this stitch.