Thursday, April 14, 2011

Annual employees' luncheon

Working in a seasonal business can be quite intensive and emotionally draining.  For that reason and as a thank you,  Needle Nicely has always celebrated the end of the "season" by feeding our employees.  In today's economy, it's a luncheon of just the employees.  Before the hurricanes and the poor economy, we used to have dinner in a local restaurant with the husbands included in the party.  Then we down-sized into "everyone bring a dish" at Marcia's (our hostess with the mostest) house with Needle Nicely providing the drinks, entree and dessert.  Now, we've evolved into "doing" lunch for the ladies. 

Yesterday, we closed at 12:15pm and met for lunch at the Ocean Grill, an iconic local restaurant with an ocean view.  The decor is a hodge-podge of items collected from by the original owner, Waldo Sexton,  from such various sources as shipwrecks and architectural features of razed buildings.  There are at least two other properties decorated as eclectively by him in Vero Beach.  It's fascinating to just wander and look at details.  However, during the season the Ocean Grill is too busy for wandering!  Time to eat!

As business has slowed, our labor force has decreased.  The "senior" employee is Helen, originally from Long Island, N.Y.  She's "Monday", but changes hats in the summers to become Thursday or Friday.  Tuesday and Thursday is Marcia, originally from Miami but has always summered in upper Michigan.  Wednesday and Saturday is Adele , originally from Long Island, N.Y.  Adele drives an hour  each way from Port St. Lucie.  The Saturday "volunteer" is Lynn from Oak Park, Il.  Lynn doesn't wait on  customers, but she organizes the fibers to a fair-thee-well. 

The amazing thing is how many interests such different personalities share and what amusing conversations occur when they're together.  And how lucky I am to have them choose to work for me.  I am truly blessed.

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