Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I say tomayto; you say tomahto

Last year Trubey added some old-fashioned  Christmas ornaments to her wholesale line.  She designed them to be slightly larger than regular ornaments and intended for them to be hung on mantlepieces or on decorative swags.  However, when I saw the designs, I immediately thought "evening purse".  Here are the various colors available in the ornament canvas. (of course, I stitched the red one without taking a picture first!)


Well, the uncooperative photographs appear here, though definitely not in the intended locations!

To keep it simple, I stitched the canvas in basketweave using Balger #16 braid in 003 red and 002HL gold.
Using basketweave eliminates the need to compensate around the gold detailing.

I think the result is effective.  I can't wait to see it finished backed in red moire with a shirred gusset and a red and gold metallic shoulder strap.  Yum!  Makes me want to go out dancing!

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