Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Purse a la Klimt

This is the front and back of a purse I received last week from one of my purse finishers.  It belongs to Jeannette, a customer of mine from Kentucky.  Notice that she used lots of beads to accent blossoms and areas (like the white beads sprinkled on the light blue background).  This is a picture of the canvas before it was stitched.

The gussets shown below determine how thick the purse will turn out when finished. 

Joanie Sherman of The Studio Midwest designed this canvas and others that finish similarly.  Another take on the design is this round version that makes a round purse with an ultrasuede gusset and magnetic snap closure.
Memory thread would be perfect for achieving these swirls and circles.  There are so many possibilities for stitches.  What fun to let my mind wander!

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