Sunday, April 3, 2011

Found! Magnetic needlecases

Life can be frustrating.  I spent lots of time trolling the web, trying to locate magnetic needlecases.  Nothing showed up.  I really felt like I was looking for a needle, not a needlecase, in a haystack.  Then I remembered a chance remark by one of the people who had asked me about the cases.  After two telephone calls to helpful people, I had located and ordered the cases.  Hooray!

Here are the variety of designs available--but I just noticed that my personal favorite, the silver checkerboard, isn't in the photograph.  I guess I had already put it in my purse to take home!  Here's a photograph of the inside of the case:

So now I'm off to find another mountain to climb or problem to solve.  Life is good.


  1. These are oh, so terrific. But where did you find them ... typing in "Dotz" yields hundreds of hits. I'd love a hint, please oh please :) RobinG in Indiana.

  2. Robin, no offense, but I run a retail shop. I sometimes share information with other retailers, but never with the public. I want to stay in business by selling the items. But I'm glad you like them. Mary Agnes

  3. Mary Agnes, I understand completely and there's nothing that gives me greater pleasure than supporting wonderful needlepoint shops. Do you have them in stock? RobinG.

  4. Robin, I do have them in stock. Please contact me at or 772-567-6688 and I'll be able to communicate with you further. Thanks for the interest. Mary Agnes