Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh, Delight! Finished ornaments

Today was so wonderful--a box arrived from my ornament finisher.  Several were for customers, but the majority were things that I have shown on this blog.  Most attractive is the angel from Susan Roberts. 

The Very Velvet really shows up and just calls to me to stroke it.  There are so many pieces comprising the angel that the cost of finishing is higher than the usual ornament, but I think her distinctive look is worth the expense.

Next out of the box was the lime green mini-stocking with the heat-applied crystals.  Marcia (one of my employees) was disappointed that I hadn't alternated rows of colors to "break things up", so at her suggestion, I had the finisher use pink trim and backing.

The tree and wreath I had finished as "carves"--hard shapes with gymp around the edges and velvet on the back.  I'm especially pleased with the hole in the wreath.

The lavender croc I had finished as a "standing stuff"--so it can either hang on the tree or be placed as part of a scene.  The first thing I notice when I look at it is the encroaching gobelin I used for the flesh.  It's one of  designer Kathy Schenkel's favorite stitches so I thought it appropriate that I use it. 

Looking at these finished ornaments, I am reminded that I have several more shapes that I want to stitch using the heat-applied crystals.  But I can't resist a feeling of self-satisfaction at how attractively these ornaments turned out.

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