Saturday, April 30, 2011

5 stylish ladies III

This week I've been working on Mimi, the grey-haired lady on the lower-right-hand side of the canvas.

I tried to do the Kalem stitch for her beret, but the stitch details didn't show up at all in the black splendor.  So I picked it out, muttering, and stitched the Alternating Slanted Gobelin.  Then I started doing the "feather" design in the Chain Stitch.  I wanted to stitch Gigi's neck first so the Chain stitch could lay over the basketweave stitches--it's a pain to do basketweave without piercing an overhanging stitch so do the basketweave first.  I had to follow that dictum for Mimi's sweater/jacket.  I used  the Half Scotch Variation, doing the Mosaic and Continental before doing the corners in the Half Scotch Stitch. 

I did a variation of the Linen-fold Modified stitch for Mimi's blouse.  I used 6 ply of splendor for the black stitches since they are horizontal and laying in the "gutter" between the threads. 

The crystal braid in basketweave I did for one lens of her sunglasses doesn't show up as dramatically in the photograph as it does in real life.  It really looks like those mirror lenses in person. 

The grey hair I did in Long/Short Split Stitch.  I like the way it looks (sort of reminds me of my mare's nest hair!), but someone thought it was too messy.  Just a bad hair day for Mimi, I guess.

I'm looking forward to catching my breath with Fifi--since she's in the middle she covers a smaller area.  Maybe that will permit me to go back and put in some of the elements I have skipped on Mimi and Gigi.

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  1. I sympathize with you on the beret--it's virtually impossible to get a decorative stitch to show up with black thread.