Thursday, February 16, 2012

hip belt canvases and more

As I was typing my heading, I realized that the new canvases I received for belts that ride on the hips are also quite "hip".  These are from Marie of Colors of Praise.

Really gorgeous patterns.  They make me wish for the hips of my 20s and 30s where I could have worn them with great delight.  Ah, well!  As the men at Craig's Grocery Store in Blowing Rock used to say, "You've turned into a fine figure of a woman, Mary". 

This California quail is one of the series of 8x8 designs that Melissa Shirley has done on 13mesh.  And another canvas from Melissa is this pot of succulents. 

And I'll end with one of Julie Mar's wildflower bell pulls.  The individual flowers are so delicate.

This is only the bottom section of the bellpull--if I back up so it shows in its entirety, the design is too small to really enjoy. 

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