Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A trickle of new canvases

Vero Beach is "at the top of the Tropics", which means it has foliage that grows at the blink of an eye and constant trimming is necessary to keep the landscape under control.  However, I love the Southwest and the canvases that depict that area.  My customers obviously feel differently, as every time I add some Southwestern canvases to my inventory, I reluctantly have to move them to the sale area.  So I was delighted several weeks ago when a new customer came in looking for desert canvases.  I referred her to the internet with trepidation.  I like to help people but don't want to shoot myself in the foot and lose a sale.  However, she came back with several items  and a preferred canvas.  Thank goodness the website that showed it didn't have it in stock and she remembered that I had offered to order something for her.   So I had the opportunity to order this gorgeous stitch-painted canvas from Quail Valley for her.  This springtime scene is so restful.

I've seen much discussion on the web about the next canvas.  David McCaskill in LaJolla and Meredith Willett in Lexington are both teaching classes.  I'm not crazy about Halloween as a needlepoint subject, but this canvas just grabbed me (maybe it's because of my own shoe collection?).
This canvas is by Share One's Ideas and everywhere you look there are either stitch or fiber possibilities.  Yum, yum.  Now can I resist stitching it?

This canvas is an oldie, but goodie, from Susan Roberts.  Years ago we had this as a pillow model with multicolored perle cotton cording and the same multicolored perle in huge tassels.  It was such a hit with grandmothers that one of them eventually purchased our model.  It's also ideal for a footstool or a child's chair seat.

Vero is separated from Vero Beach by the intercoastal waterway.  If you have the opportunity to take a boatride up or down "the river", you may encounter our local porpoises who will often accompany boats.  These canvases from Princely are so reminiscent of those porpoises.

Another Princely canvas is a reproduction of a William Morris design.  The flow of the acanthus leaves are so sinuous and pleasing.

My last selection is a doorstop design by Melinda McAra.  It is a depiction of the swan boats in Boston.  The ducks from "Make Way for Ducklings" by Robert McCloskey form the sides.

And tomorrow I have more new canvases arriving.  I promise to share with you.


  1. Nice selection of canvases, Mary Agnes--I love the southwestern one, too.

  2. Looks great... I think we might have to arm wrestle for that shoe one... I LOVE it!! Do you actually have it in stock- can I put my name on it?!! See you in a few days! Looking forward to leaving the Boston cold for some FL sunshine!

  3. I love your Southwest Design. I have lived in HI and NM, and love the SW scenery. Will order from you when I want one, that way you can enjoy it :)