Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A special visit and some canvases

Monday I had lunch with Meredith (, her mother Kari, and Kari's former business partners Rose and Sandy.  They were in town to visit Rose, get some sun (it has rained the entire time!), and shop at Needle Nicely.  I totally forgot to take pictures, even after Meredith mentioned that she had taken some.  Duh!  It was really great to talk "shop" with fellow professionals (they used to own a needlework shop and can remember the highs and lows).

Each day I'm eagerly greeting both the UPS driver and the mailman in hopes of more new canvases.  Today I received 6 boxes--belts from the finisher, some purses from Lee's Needle Arts, and 4 huge boxes of imprinted plastic bags in three sizes.  Not quite the adventure I was anticipating!  Monday was better when I received a shipment from Ruth Schmuff.

The colors are so crisp in this canvas from Eye Candy.  It will really lend itself to lots of different stitches.

And then I bought a series of "season" samplers.  This is the one for July Fourth.

While Trubey was designing canvases for last fall's 30th anniversary, I had her add to our series of 5x7 canvases.  I hope to blog-stitch these this summer and fall...or maybe next year?

And what canvases will tomorrow bring?  As suspense builds!


  1. It was great to see you! We had a great time and now have lots of fun canvases to play with in the next few months. Talk to you soon!

  2. This must be the fun part of owning a shop!