Saturday, February 11, 2012

A little couth and more new canvases

You'll have to excuse the detour, but I just arrived home from a 6-hour marathon at the opera.  In case I haven't mentioned it before, our local movie theater (across the parking lot, hooray!) carries the Metropolitan Opera HD simulcasts on select Saturdays.  Today was the Gotterdammerung, the 4th in Wagner's Ring Cycle.  There were 2 intermissions so the fanny fatigue and bladder issues weren't a problem.  The production was absolutely wonderful and it really didn't seem that long.  The soprano, Deborah Voight, also happens to have a home in Vero and she gives local concerts each year to support our local opera group.  And what a voice!  If you have the opportunity and even if you don't know anything about opera, check into this.  The live performances are $25, there are subtitles, and while you expect good singing, the good acting is a definite bonus.  Most HD venues also show a "rerun" on Tuesday evenings for less money than the live performance.  There are also reruns in the summer from previous years.

And now to what pays the rent.  Among the canvases I received from Amanda Lawford was this beautiful blue heron canvas.  Someday I'll post a photograph of the blue heron who is a regular in our backdoor "lagoon".

I'm going to have to do some off-blog work with my new camera.  I posted these canvases on a blank wall and bent my knees or stood on tiptoes or whatever to stay level with the middle of the canvas and the perspective is off.  The top is wider than the bottom.  This was a problem on all of them, even the smallest.  Grrrrrr. 

This next canvas is from Alice Peterson but is a perfect fit for Amanda Lawford's round boxes with a 4" opening.  The boxes come in black or white.  I would have photographed one but my new, replacement camera's unrechargeable batteries decided to die before my planned ending of my photo adventure.  So next week I'll show you the boxes because they're easy to put the needlepoint (or whatever) in and they're inexpensive. 

This beauty by Gayla Elliott is also distributed by Alice Peterson.  I'm in love with her, so much so that after this canvas arrived I called and asked Cathy (owner of Alice Peterson) if I could have a canvas that showed just the center with Miss darling mermaid of the year.  I think she'll be great on a tote bag or as a stand-up
or doorstop.  My fingers are itching to stitch her, so we may see her again.

This in-your-face is so reminiscent of Georgia O'Keefe.  My photograph doesn't do justice to the richness of the colors.  It's from Alice Peterson and is just yummy as you can see.

This scene is from DJ Designs.  I ordered a pair from a series by the same artist that Dale represents.  I just love all the details.  I was so brave when I ordered this and its companion after seeing them mentioned on a TNNA market report.   Dale asked if I wanted to know the price and I replied, "No, I just have to bite the bullet."  There are just some canvases you have to have, no matter the cost.

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