Sunday, February 19, 2012

A multitude of riches

This nautilus shell with a Greek key border is from Julie of JP Designs.  She is known for her marvelous, often imaginative, borders. 

This fox by Julie is wonderfully framed by what I think is leather from horse halters and bridles.  That fox has such a fantastic look. 

These are just a sampling of Julie's canvases for cuff bracelets.  Each is more wonderful than the next.  What fun to stitch!

In Vero Beach, we have ordinances governing what lights there can be on or close to the beaches because of the turtles who lay eggs on the beaches.  If there are too many lights on the land side, the hatchling turtles will go inland rather than into the ocean.  It is a wonderful experience to be there when the hatchlings come out of their nest and head for the water.  It's a magnificent happening because they are so tiny and their movement is so instinctive. 

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