Saturday, February 1, 2014

A stitching finish and the clock model finished

My shark canvas from Pippin ("chomp") is finished and off to the pillow finisher.  The extra row of light aqua is to be the seam.  Regretably, sharks are too often a fact of life around Florida beaches, .
Last winter, Macy (Needle Nicely's new/former hire) stitched this canvas from Zecca for the shop as her first foray into pattern stitches.  When one of our customers saw it, she went through her deceased mother's button box and found the 6 buttons that are just perfect.  We then took it to our preferred local framer, Royal Palm Frame Shop.  After Donna worked her magic, Macy took it to The Clock Shop in Fort Pierce, where Mel made sure the hands wouldn't snag on the stitching or that the clock wouldn't be going in reverse.
 Macy has gone on in her pattern stitching journey this past summer with the completion of several counted designs.  She's flying solo now!

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  1. Macy's stitching is beautiful! Love all the bright colors.