Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Scallop shell 2

I decided that I liked the look of the outer row of camel-colored slanted gobelin and want it to show on the finished pillow.  Therefore, I am adding another border of red that will become the seam and also be under the cording so most of my camel border will show.  In case you wonder why I selected red for the outer border, I just happened to have part of a skein left from "Chomp"--and it's visually more attractive than another border of camel (though it will only show until the pillow is assembled).

At the shop I'm doing French knots for trim on Santa's suit on two Christmas stockings we are finishing the stitching on for a customer.  Santa's beard is the long/short split stitch.  I'm also doing some tutoring of Dotty on projects that she has from various classes she has taken in the past year.  Tomorrow we're going to discuss ruching silk ribbon and then attaching it to the canvas.

I also set up the new sewing machine for hemming canvases.  Our previous one froze up.  We took it to be repaired, he fixed it (I could see the stitches on the fabric scrap he left in the presser foot).  I plugged it in, turned it on--and it froze again.  He fixed it again, free of charge.  Marcia stitched with it for about 20 minutes before it froze again.  Out of here!  Then I foolishly walked into Sears and bought the most basic machine they had in stock.  I'm not even sure it is suitable for a child.  The best part of it was a sewing kit that was a freebie.  Both of these machines are going to be donated to a local thrift shop (it has a repairman!).  I went on-line to Sears' website and managed to buy the equivalent of our frozen machine.  Three weeks of frustration and $120 of wasted money.  Sigh!  I remind myself "it's only money".  The only good thing about not having a working machine was that I could procrastinate about finishing a canvas into a pocket for one of the Pischke Pocket-type tote bags.  I have promised myself that come Monday morning I'll be a good girl and work on it.  I'll post photos when I finish. 

NOTE:  I came back after half an hour and noticed that the scallop photograph hadn't published.  So I have added it (again!). 

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  1. Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. I live for the time when I am able to do just that!