Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scallop shell...and more

I've had this canvas from Trish set aside to stitch for a shop model for too many years and decided last week that this was its opportunity for stardom.  It's 10mesh and I feel the need right now to do a mainly tent stitch canvas.

 I'm changing the colors.  I'm using silk 'n ivory, doubled in the needle, for the tan and navy and a doubled strand of silk lame braid for the red.  The red border and the outside margin is the slanted gobelin.  The remainder of the canvas will be tent stitch (basketweave where possible).  I've noticed some reluctance among my customers to attempting the pattern stitches I have done on canvases I have blog-stitched.  I'm not into intimidation, but rather comfort, so this canvas is for a nice non-threatening stitch.

 Over the weekend I noticed a squirrel hanging onto the stucco wall of the house while he snacked on one of my roses.  I was shocked to see a delicate pink petal in his paws while he was eating.  I didn't realize squirrels ate foliage, though do admit that last fall I spotted one eating a palm frond.  There are no acorns in our neighborhood, so I guess they have to improvise!

 Here he has just decided to go for a morsel at the base of the blossom--too aggressive and the rose falls to the ground.

Here he is trying to decide whether to go down to finish his meal.
He decided against it.  But the blossom was gone the next morning so someone couldn't resist.

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  1. Roses in February--must be nice! I did a double-take the other day--my New Dawn climber had sprouted a white rose--the snowy kind.