Wednesday, February 5, 2014

And new items keep arriving!

Canvases are not the only new items arriving every day--yesterday, Needle Nicely received some new snap trays from Carol Eix.

Vero's beaches are the breeding grounds for many varieties of turtles.  There are special lighting rules on our beaches to aid the turtle hatchlings in heading for the water,  rather than inland.   It's a wonderful sight to watch the eggs hatching and observe the tiny turtles disappearing into the water.

Of course, all tropical areas have a multitude of palm trees from coconut to cabbage and many varieties in-between.  Vero Beach is at the "top of the tropics".

These frogs from CBK are enjoying their retirement.  I don't know whether the water or the drinks look more inviting!

Geckos have such personality!  They are everywhere you look in Vero Beach and are fascinating to observe.  This is also a CBK design.

Raymond Crawford has a delightful series of Christmas ornaments featuring space travel.  With Cape Kennedy just North of us, anything relating to outer space is of interest to our customers.

Robots are a companion to the spaceships.  What young child isn't fascinated by robots?

These blowsy poppies from Julie Mar just seem to invite you to stitch them.  Yum!

The latest issue of Needlepoint Now has an article about the color decisions Danji Designs had to make in reproducing Laurel Burch's canvases.  In her paintings she employs very subtle color gradations that are cost and time prohibitive in translating into painted needlepoint canvases.  I think they succeed in keeping to the spirit of the originals.

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  1. Raymond Crawford's talent never ceases to amaze me!