Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oriole ministocking II

First, one of my male stitchers is doing a Christmas stocking for his soon-to-be born first grandchild.  This is by far his biggest project--he's done belts and key fobs.  It is also the first time he is doing pattern stitches.  He started on the background first and gained confidence.  Then he moved on to the Christmas tree.  Now he's working on Santa's suit, but his confidence has taken a hit.  He was to do the mosaic stitch.  I told him that he could turn the canvas upside down to do the return row, but to be sure to keep the stitches lined up.  Well, I'm not sure quite what he did, but it isn't your typical mosaic.  He's stitching in very velvet and the picture is fuzzy.
 Anyway, one row slants to the right and the next to the left.  Actually it is a nice textural effect and I told him to keep doing what he was doing.  He can do the "regular" mosaic somewhere else.

With the Olympics to watch, my stitching has suffered.  I can stitch during the biathlon and the snowboarding, but I want to watch the curlers and the figure skaters.  I did the birds in the encroaching gobelin.  I got so engrossed in one program that after I finished the second bird, I worked on the background for a while and finally realized I had done about a 2x2 section in the encroaching gobelin.  So out it had to come!
EDIT:  I just realized I should mention the birds' eyes.  As the canvas was printed, it was impossible to accomplish the eye with rings of color so I opted to do a smyrna cross.  I like the way it looks and am glad I decided not to agonize over the whole process.

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  1. I agree with you on your customer's stocking. Some day his grandchild will say proudly, "My Grandpa made that for me!" You're coming along speedily with the oriole sock.