Saturday, February 15, 2014

Oriole ministocking, finished

I finished the Oriole ministocking this week by doing the chain stitch for the leaf stems.  

 Melissa Shirley has a small creche which she paints either on congress cloth or 18mesh.  A Needle Nicely customer purchased the congress cloth set about 8 years ago.  Recently she decided that she couldn't see the mesh and gave it to me to stitch for the Festival of Trees that our local Children's Theater sponsors every November.  I have stitched the navy background of two of the figures, Mary and Joseph.  I'm stitching these at the shop because the light is so good there.  I plan to have Macy stitch the figures at the shop in between waiting on customers.  The faces will be done either by myself or Helen (our most artistic stitcher). 

I'll add white metallic French knots after everything else has been stitched.

1 comment:

  1. What a nice gesture on the part of your customer. And what instant gratification for the team of stitchers, given the size!