Saturday, February 22, 2014

more key fobs

It has been a frustrating day--Earthlink's DSL has been down all day.  Of course, you can't talk with a real person about anything.  They did suggest (that awful recorded voice) that it might help to unplug everything.  That worked for about 10 minutes a few hours ago and I just tried it again.  I have the feeling I'm on borrowed time.  Don't the powers that be realize that I no longer have Olympic curling to distract me and I need my Double Down Casino fix? 

Elizabeth Turner Collection now has leather self-finishing key fobs.  I received my January order yesterday along with the complimentary rack.  I took them out of the plastic so you could see the designs without the flash reflection.  There are two shapes from which to choose.

This is the Madonna canvas from a new Alice Peterson creche set.

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  1. The Alice Peterson Madonna is lovely. The power surge last Sunday sent my computer back to 2004--a date it didn't recognize for several venues.