Saturday, February 8, 2014

More about clocks

There are two hand-painted designers who offer various clock designs--Mindy Designs and Zecca.  Most of them come with the buttons and the clock works.  However, there are many other canvases which can be made into clocks.  Macy and I went through Needle Nicely's stock of canvases and produced a wall of possibilities.  I couldn't get a clear view of the wall that permitted all of the canvases in one shot, so I split it up into two photographs.

 I love this cat hiding among the foliage, especially those hostas.  This is from Quail Run.

This classic design ala William Morris is by Amanda Lawford.

 I apologize that I can't remember the designer of this beautifully bright doorstop canvas.  I'll check on Monday--just shows I can no longer trust my legendary memory.

This doorstop is one of JP's designs. 

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  1. Very clever idea to use those canvases as clock faces!