Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Froggie night light

"If it doesn't move, needlepoint it" is the credo of the needlepoint shop owner.  In my never-ending search for such items, I discovered. . . .  . night lights.  Our shop model is a design of Amanda Lawford's.

Isn't Froggie delightful as he rides across the night sky--and what fun to stitch!  First, though, before starting to stitch, you must remember that the light shining behind the needlepoint will show every thread ending if it runs behind white or another lighter color.  Bummer!  That rather stifles creativity in stitch selection.

I did the sky in mosaic stitch in silk 'n ivory; the clouds, outlines, and quarter moon in basketweave using fyrewerks.  Then the fun really began.  I went to Calico Corners and found some trims--gymp for the top and sides and beaded gymp for the bottom edge.  Glue gunning is not my favorite, but I think it turned out well (and no fingers singed, for a change).

Isn't he gorgeous, riding across the sky!  The gold gymp on the top and sides complement the gold of the moon and the beads of the bottom trim really accentuate the "starryness".  He was fun to stitch and finish.  Nice.

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