Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas trees finished

Tree number 11 is done with a basketweave stitch in red providing the background to cross stitches, Smyrna crosses and Raised Maltese Crosses done in white Balger. 

Slanted gobelin and continental are the stitches used in tree #12 in emerald green, gold and white Balger.

Red tent stitches provide the outline in tree number 13.  The fill stitch is a variation of slanted gobelin.  The fibers used are sparkle rays and neon rays plus. 

The last tree is stitched in alternating slanted gobelin using neon rays plus and green Balger. 

The final touch is using white fyrewerks for the snow flakes in the background.  All in all, a nice sparkly pillow as you can see in this finished photograph.

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