Monday, November 7, 2011

Festival of Trees, II

You might be asking yourself where all these models come from that Needle Nicely donates to charity.  We have a Christmas tree in a case with a plexiglass front where we have most of our Christmas ornament models.  I try to stitch 2 or 3 each year to keep things reasonably fresh looking (this summer I did the hot-glue ornaments and a Kathy Schenkel clog).  And NN does an annual limited edition ornament.  We started these in Blowing Rock and have continued since the 80s.  They include a painted canvas, stitch instructions and the fibers.

There is a shelf running on 3 sides of the shop about 20 inches below the ceiling.  That shelf is filled with pillow models.  You can see the Christmas ribbon pillow on the right side of the shelf!

The 3rd item Needle Nicely is donating to the Festival of Trees is a hot air balloon designed, I think, by Tapestry Tent.  I've had it "in a safe place" and decided to part with it this year.  I thought it was gorgeous, but it was expensive to finish and just too "different" to appeal to many people. 

The last donated item is a canvas we had made into a cube with ultrasuede backing.  We added the bow to make it look like a Christmas package.  It has been less than a commercial success, so I'm allowing myself to donate it.  I loved the concept, but no one else did.  Perhaps the needlepoint was too large? 

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  1. The hot air balloon is darling, but I can see how it would be costly to have finished. The filigree behind the letters on the cube is lovely.