Thursday, November 17, 2011

In for repairs!

At the shop yesterday I pulled out the trusty Canon camera to take some more photographs for "the" blog when the camera started beeping at me and displaying E18 on its screen.  Being a mechanical genius (NOT), I immediately dropped it in my tote bag like it was a hot potato.  Las night I spent some time flipping through the manual before I broke down and emailed Canon.  The upshot is that today I mailed the camera in for evaluation and repairs.  Cross your fingers that it doesn't take long or cost much.  I must say Canon customer service is prompt and helpful.

In the interim, I do have some photographs and topics that I have tucked away for a rainy day or extended trip.  I have to maintain my NaBloPoMo 2011 writing streak!

This time of year in a needlepoint shop is one of constant arrival of finished customer projects from the finishers.  That also means calling customers or, as happens alot at Needle Nicely, shipping many items.  Last Thursday I was a whirling dervish of activity.  Cutting up long canvas boxes to make smaller boxes for shipping Christmas ornaments.  Putting Christmas stockings between pieces of cardboard and using a roll of tape to make sure the edges are closed securely.  Finding the right size box for that gorgeous pillow.  Marcia waited on customers while I managed to close up 17 items of various sizes for mailing.  Then, at 4 pm I sat down and stitched for an hour as my reward for being so industrious.  The next morning my DH pointed out to me that no, I didn't need to leave early because the post office was closed! (Needle Nicely was open--when tourists are in town, we're open.  With the exception of New Year's, Christmas, Fourth of July and Memorial Day.)  Boy, did I rue that hour of stitching.  But Saturday a.m I was standing in line at 9 o'clock to make sure everything got mailed.  While I know I could use online postage programs, I'm a small-town girl and prefer the banter with the post office counter staff.

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  1. Camera errors are the worst!! From the customer side, there is nothing better than seeing that package with the finished projects arrive on your doorstep! I get so excited when I see the finished products!