Friday, November 18, 2011

Lee's Needle Arts tassel canvas

Using impressions, I started stitching the background in black impressions in the mosaic stitch.  I like to start with the background so I can spread its stitching out (when I get bored, I can do something "fun"). 

I stitched the bamboo from which the tassels are hanging in a cashmere stitch the length of the width of the bamboo in a medium brown impressions. 

The first tassel's body was stitched in the chain stitch in a melon-y candlelight.  The yellow part of the top of the tassel was done in alternating slanted gobelin.  The hanger was done in a metallic gold rush 18 in the mosaic stitch.

The next tassel's body has panels of the fern stitch separated by rows of continental stitch.  The largest two-color bead is stitched in French knots using gold rush 18 and candlelight.  The contrast in "shine" adds to the texture of the knots.  The other beads are done in various cross stitches, Scotch stitches and mosaic stitches.

This design was fun to stitch because so much is going on with each tassel.  Great fun to play with.

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