Saturday, November 19, 2011

Peppermint stripes mini-stocking

Rainbow Gallery has a continuous free charted design program that assists in promoting the Rainbow Gallery fibers.  These charts are reprintable by shop owners to encourage customers, so your local shop should have access to them.  They're usually free if you buy the fibers and sometimes even if you don't.  I like to stitch charted designs, but many of my customers prefer painted canvases.  Anyway, this is a design by Joan Lohr from 2006.

The cuff is a stitch called Woven Ribbons stitched in opal fyrewerks.  It's a nice stitch that goes quickly--yes!!  The edging is the long-armed cross stitched in silver goldrush 18. 

The body of the stocking is done in stripes.  The first is the interlocking gobelin in silver goldrush 18.  The next stitch is the fern done in 4-ply christmas green splendor.  Another row of the interlocking gobelin, followed by the slanted gobelin in red goldrush 18; repeat until finished. 

We made a twisted cord from red perle 5; backed the stocking in red velvet and lined it with a plaid taffeta to make an inexpensive Christmas present for someone.

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