Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stitching for hire

Needle Nicely often has customers who either don't want to needlepoint but like the look or overestimated their commitment to needlepointing a project.  That's when we step in and, for a price, will finish the stitching.

This is a baby's first Christmas bootie ornament designed by Kathy Schenkel.  Each September one of our customers decides she wants us to stitch half of this for a selected child.  She buys the entire canvas and fibers and we stitch the stocking on the right.  First we add the name and then complete the stitching.  She has found someone who does the final finishing of the ornament.

We ask no questions about the derivation of names (well, we wonder...). 

We'll also finish belt canvases.  This belt, an Elizabeth Turner design,  was purchased approximately 8 years ago and the customer managed to do one square inch.  She change all of the original colors.  We finished the stitching and it is now at the finisher and will be back for her to give as a Christmas present.
Another item we've been working on all summer is a 4'x6' 10mesh rug for a woman who purchased it from us 20 years ago.  She has decided that she wants to see the finished product and fears none of her children would bother to stitch it if she died.  It should be finished about February.  I'll post a photograph before we send it to the finisher.  That is, if my precious camera ever returns home from the repair shop. 

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