Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Service, part II

Stitchers are the customers of needlepoint shops.  If a non-stitcher comes in, you try to make them a stitcher.  How do you do this?  My method is to offer a beginner's kit:  a 3"x5" square of 10mesh canvas with a stitch diagram for both basketweave and continental, an 18 needle, and several strands of Paternayan yarn. No charge.  When people offer to pay, I smilingly tell them that it is an addiction and they will pay me (or some other shop) later. 

Formal classes for a fee are offered during "the season" (February, March & April).  However, at any time one may come in and receive instruction in a specific stitch at no charge.  Join us at the round table and we'll help you in between waiting on other customers or stitching shop models.  The object is to spread the love of the art and try to eliminate pain and frustration.  Anyone who works for Needle Nicely is capable of assisting with pattern stitches, or, more importantly, the basketweave.


  1. Can't wait to sit around the table in February! I've gotten the basketweave down, need help with compensating! And, this is a seriously addicting habit, plus good service and a warm atmosphere are sometimes hard to find :-) Great to enjoy it when you find it!